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8.9.19 - Myne's Summerset - Austin, TX

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Vace, a Houston-born and Austin raised Artist, Producer, singer-songwriter with a background in music theory, comes at you with a wide range of sounds and aesthetics to form an enjoyably unique genre-bending experience for all music listeners and concert goers alike.  Growing up in an extremely diverse musical household, as well as performing live with an array of different artists/ collectives since his teenage years, Vace was impacted by an endless number of influences and experiences stretching across all genres and performance platforms.


Starting as a Rap/Hip-hop and R&B producer, Vace began to merge his hip-hop and R&B production sounds and skillset with his knowledge and experience with live instrumentation to form a unique yet catchy sound that is relevant with today’s popular music.


Beyond music production, Vace is also known for his energetic and charismatic presence on stage during performances, with the ability to keep the audience fully engaged throughout the entirety of the set. Being raised in Austin as well as performing locally with different bands and collectives for 10+ years, Vace has established a loyal following in Austin and it’s surrounding areas.  With his sound being described as “Funk-Hop and R&B with a live twist”, he is a guaranteed good time for any audience.


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